Multi Vaccine Development Program. Not For Profit Research Society

Executive Team

The Executive team is led by a Program Director appointed by the MVDP Board.

Paushali MukherjeeAssociate Director - Project Management and Bioanalytical Development

Paushali MukherjeePaushali, Associate Director, Project Management and Bioanalytical Development has been working with MVDP since March 2015. She holds a PhD in Anthropology from Delhi University who evolved into an experienced Immunologist. With more than 20 years of experience, she specialises in studying cellular and humoral immune responses to infectious diseases and vaccines (recombinant, subunit, peptides, VLPs) both in in-vitro and in-vivo models. She has lead teams through pre-clinical animal studies and clinical trials immunoassays for novel malaria vaccines. As In-charge of Immunoassay Laboratory (GCLP-like laboratory) at ICGEB, she standardized and validated various immunoassays including ELISAs for recombinant proteins, immunofluorescence, Bioplex, binding inhibition assays and in-vitro parasite growth inhibition assays for pre-clinical and Phase I clinical development of novel malaria vaccine candidates. She has hands on experience in cell cultures, cellular and humoral immunological techniques, multi-parameter flow cytometry (cell surface and intracellular cytokine staining), immunofluorescence, Neutralization assays, ELISPOT assays, ELISA, growth inhibition assays (GIA, ADCI), Bioplex/Luminex and production of monoclonal antibodies. She has more than 20 peer-reviewed publications to her credit.

At MVDP she is responsible for managing Project timelines including financial managements, coordination with CROs, CMOs and funding agencies. She is also involved in preparation and review of regulatory dossiers for submission to RCGM, CDL Kausali and DCGI. She is instrumental for bioanalytical development which includes designing, optimization, qualification and validation of in-vitro cellular and humoral assays that mimic in-vivo immune responses. She also carries out biostatistical analysis and interpretation of results.

Rajeev SehgalDeputy Manager - Accounts cum Administration

Rajeev SehgalRajeev serves as an Accountant cum Administrator at MVDP since May 2010. He is responsible for overseeing MVDP´s accounts and administrative functions, including the oversight of MVDP's grant funds. He manages the day to day accounting/billing and expense; coordinates with external Chartered Accountant and manages the taxation responsibility of the organization. In addition, he works closely with the Program Director of MVDP on administrative matters including policy making relating to the overall day-to-day management.

Prior to joining MVDP in 2010, he served for over 23 years in manufacturing and FMCG sector in various areas including financial accounting, audit and taxation.

He holds M.Com (Rajasthan University) and B.Com (Delhi University) degrees.