Multi Vaccine Development Program. Not For Profit Research Society


ICGEB in consultation with DBT and PATH-MVI submitted to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) a proposal in 2008 for the establishment of MVDP. BMGF, up- front funded the program for 5 years starting Dec 2008. A grant of two million nine hundred and fifty thousand dollars (USD 2.95 million) was made to ICGEB so as to establish MVDP as a separate not-for-profit research society. No cost extension has been granted by BMGF upto December 2016

A sub-awardee grant is made ICGEB to MVDP. The funding from the BMGF is specifically for the purpose of support for establishment and operation of the core management structure.

MVDP business model demands that it obtains funding for conducting research. To accomplish the purpose, MVDP is suppose to develop partnerships with research partners, and to write proposals along with the partner so as to raise funds for the translational research and development activities. Some of the funders which can be approached for such activities are:

  1. Indian Government (Department of Biotechnology)
  2. Malaria Vaccine Initiative, USA
  3. European Vaccine Initiative, Heidelberg
  4. Wellcome Trust, UK
  5. Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Germany

Project Funding

Project Funding Organization Funds Sanctioned Activities funded Sanction Date
JAIVAC-2 Department of Biotechnology, GoI INR 4,00,00,000
  • cGMP Manufacturing
  • Pre-clinical toxicology
28 Feb 2013
JAIVAC-3 Department of Biotechnology, GoI INR 2,14,50,000
  • cGMP Manufacturing
  • Pre-clinical toxicology
05 June 2012
PfCSP-VLPs Department of Biotechnology, GoI INR 6,50,000
  • Professional fee for Project Management
01 June 2012
PvDBPII PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative USD 47,078
  • Professional fee to Oversee Technology Transfer and cGMP Manufacturing
18 Sep 2012
AnAPN1 PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative USD 66,995
  • Professional fee to oversee Process Development and cGMP Manufacturing
03 July 2012

Approval to receive foreign funds

At present MVDP does not have a permanent registration granted by Foreign Contribution Regulation Act-(FCRA). This means that MVDP cannot receive foreign funds without seeking prior permission from Indian Government. It takes about 4-6 months to seek prior permission for receiving foreign funds. Prior permission allows MVDP to receive committed funds from a confirmed source for a stated objective.

MVDP will apply for FCRA registration in July 2014