Multi Vaccine Development Program. Not For Profit Research Society


Partnership Model

MVDP also understands the need to act as a gateway for providing cost effective solutions to malaria vaccine development efforts undertaken by various international researchers and aims to provide access to the expertise available in India for translational research.

In this model, MVDP can be approached for access to a contract manufacturer/ process development of a recombinant vaccine candidate/ cGLP toxicology laboratory/ project management services and any other related activity. The facilitation partnership model is to provide an opportunity to other malaria vaccine developers a contact point in India to seek suitable services (manufacture, toxicology, CT development plan etc) so that their funds can be utilised judiciously.

MVDP acts as a facilitator for the following:

  1. Process development of Drug Substance (DS) at Research Institutes and Universities
  2. cGMP production of recombinant vaccines from its list of identified CMOs
  3. Toxicology evaluation from its list of identified GLP CRO’s based on the regulatory needs
  4. Clinical development plan and preparation of Clinical Trial (CT) related documents
  5. Business development and legal contracts with third parties