Multi Vaccine Development Program. Not For Profit Research Society


Both Falciparum and Vivax malaria contribute equally to malaria incidence in India. Therefore, MVDP's strategy is to work towards selecting projects for translational research and development of both P.falciparum and P.vivax malaria.

At present, the team at MVDP is handling the following two projects:

P.falciparum/ JAIVAC-1

The vaccine candidate for P.falciparum (JAIVAC-1) which was discovered at ICGEB is currently undergoing Phase I (First-in-man) trial in healthy Indian male subjects in the Phase I unit of Lotus Laboratories, Bengaluru, India. The project has received funding from DBT and European Vaccine Initiative (EVI). MVDP’s clinical development team has been responsible for managing the study conduct.

P.vivax/ PvDBPII

PvDBPII (Region II of the P.vivax Duffy Binding Protein) is the most promising vivax vaccine candidate of ICGEB. The ICGEB and MVDP team has optimised process for laboratory scale (10L) production of the antigen. The next step will involve manufacturing the vaccine candidate at a cGMP facility before proceeding to animal toxicology and phase I studies. MVDP´s process development team is responsible for the technology transfer to the CMO and to oversee cGMP production.