Multi Vaccine Development Program. Not For Profit Research Society

Operational Models

To fulfill its objectives, MVDP build partnerships on the following two models:

  1. Collaboration model
  2. Facilitation model
  Collaboration Facilitation
Objective of MVDP Help Research Partner in planning the advancement of vaccine candidate development and executing the plan Assist Research Partner in execution of the development plan prepared by the research partner
Role of MVDP Active decision making and execution of the development plan Gateway to access Indiaís strengths and support in execution
Relationship with MVDP Long term Short term (activity based)
IP handling by MVDP Case to case, based on Research Partnerís background IP and the collaboration IP resulting from collaboration of various partners No IP management
Fee for MVDP No fee from Research Partner. Joint funds for development activities to be sought from funders Fee-based service